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    The Art of William Tolliver


    Main Gallery




    We are thrilled to announce the upcoming art exhibit showcasing stunning pieces from our esteemed permanent collection by none other than the legendary William Tolliver.


    For decades, William Tolliver's captivating compositions, vibrant colors, and profound narratives have mesmerized art enthusiasts.


    Now, you have the opportunity to experience his masterpieces up close and personal. 

    Main Gallery of The Beach Institute

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    The Quilting code

    In Celebration of Black American History, The Beach Institute, presents a profound exhibit of Quilts linked to the Underground Railroad.


    Discover the Codes & Symbols that Enslaved People devised to navigate the challenges of Self-Emancipation during the Antebellum Era.


    Main Gallery of The Beach Institute

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    The Greatest story ever told

    Currently throughout 2023 -


    Explore the talents of Rudolph Valentino Bostic. This exhibit showcases the passionate, colorful, energetic and compelling artistry of this innovative native Savannahian. Bostic's paintings are located in the

    Penthouse Gallery of the Beach Institute.

    Donated by the Sotille Family & The Hurn Museum of Comtemporary Folk Art, Savannah, GA.

    Permanent Collection Exhibitions

    Ulysses Davis Masterwork Collection | 40 Busts of the American Presidents through George HW Bush

    The Treasure of Ulysses Davis

    American Folk Artist | Wood Carving


    Ulysses Davis began sculpting as a youngster—whittling was his word for it. Davis always referred to himself as a whittler, never as a sculptor nor artist. “I am not an artist,” he would say, “because I can’t draw.” A modest statement from a modest man who qualifies as a whittler and sculptor. The Davis Collection, is housed at the Beach Institute's John B. & Mozelle D. Clemmons Galleries . The collection, consisting of more than 240 sculptures, is the work of a genius of the first degree with wood sculpture & design. Self-taught, he learned to master the tools of his trade. His background as a railroad blacksmith's assistant enabled him to make the tools he later used in woodcarving.


    The Davis Collection works are also displayed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA.

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    The W.W. Law Art Collection

    Garden Level Art Galery of the Beach Institute and The King Tisdell Cottage Museum 2021

    Westley Wallace “W. W.” Law (1923-2002) was a prominent Civil Rights leader, local historian, historic preservationist, and community leader in Savannah, Georgia. After a forty-year career as a mail carrier for the U. S. Postal Service and twenty-six years as President of the Savannah Chapter of the NAACP, Law turned his focus and efforts to preserving Savannah’s African American community through its history, art, architectural and cultural landmarks


    Mr. W. W. Law established

    The Savannah-Yamacraw Branch of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History (ASALH),

    The King-Tisdell Cottage Museum,

    Beach Institute African American Cultural Center,

    The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, and

    The Negro Heritage Trail Tour.


    Through the King-Tisdell Cottage and the Beach Institute, W. W. Law featured the work of emerging African American artists, as well as works featuring local Savannah scenes. His personal collection of original artwork and prints (including those featured here) reflects these efforts, as well as the personal friendships that came about from them.

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    Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival Exhibition

    February 2021

    The National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (NAAHBCU) is a flourishing arts organization by name and service. It is the second-largest, and perhaps the most active African American arts organization in the United States. The overwhelming number of artists within the organization are either working at or have taught or studied in art departments and programs at historically black colleges and universities in America.


    Visit us at the Beach Institute to enjoy their exhibit, curated by Dr. Peggy Blood from Savannah State University in partnership with The Black Heritage Festival.

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    Folk art in the twenty-first century continues to stay on message: art must be comprehensible and must convey meaning to the viewing public.


    The new century has introduced a second generation of folk artists who have lost their sense of isolation so prevalent among the now famous, former generation.


    These new young artists, immersed in an electronically connected world, are rendering more complex messages about everyday life,, religious beliefs and the increasing anxieties afflicting modern man.


    See for yourself!


    Second floor gallery

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